What with 320 Ranch already being Gallatin Gateway’s heart of horseback riding, and the focal point of fly fishing, you may be doubting that we could throw 6 moreactivities into our summer mix.  But alas, we’ve done it!  And, here are the “deets” on what’s new in this little neck of Montana’s woods this summer:


  1. Mountain Medicine Workshops

The best medicine…is nature’s medicine. And, we’re not alone in thinking that; Dr. Caroline McGill, founder of 320 Ranch and Montana’s first female doctor/pathologist, bought 320 to be used by her patients and friends as a mental and physical retreat. Our hope is to continue McGill’s tradition of a wholesome, au naturel approach to life by instating Mountain Medicine Workshops.  The local Mountains are soon to be ablaze with flora and fauna.  These workshops will teach you how to identify seasonal mountain plants, and their medicinal purposes.  Workshops will also touch base on the proper ways of foraging for plants, and how to turn the found flora and fauna into a variety of topicals.  Further details on workshop pricing, dates and times, and more can be found on our new Mountain Medicine Workshop page.


  1. Ranch To Table – An Outdoor Dining Experience Like None Other…

Available to guests on July 10thand August 14thonly, this novel experience is limited and something you’ll want to place your reservations for soon.  As an opportunity for developing your culinary knowledge base, as well as one for eating some seriously tasty and locally sourced foods, we’re positive you’ll end the evening happy to have signed-up.  For additional details on these events, pricing, and capacity, visit our new Ranch To Table page.



  1. Watch A Movie In The Mountains!

“Eventually, all things merge into one, and a river runs through it.” – Said Norman Maclean, a character from the movie, A River Runs Through It.  This ‘90s classic just so happens to be one of our Movies In The Mountains on schedule for Summer ’21.  What merges into one while relaxing beside the Gallatin River on a start lit movie night? Well, popcorn, a soft drink (or cold beer or wine) to name a few things.  Most importantly, it all comes together and creates a highly unique outdoor movie going experience.  For details on showing dates and ticket pricing, visit our new Movie in the Mountains page.


  1. Join Our Cowkid Round Up

Dr. Suess once said, “You can find magic wherever you look.  Sit back and relax, all you need is a book!”  To a child, the magic of books is especially real.  This summer, three days a week, 320 Ranch plans on sharing said magic with any of our young guests who wish to join in.  Our very own cowgirl, Daisy Mae, will delight your cowkids with tales galore. All Reading Roundups take place in the evening, 4:30pm, which allows our cow-grown-ups a bit of time to relax and kick their boots off.  For further “deets”, or to let us know how many cowkids you’d like to have join us, hop on over to our new Cowkid Round Up page.


  1. Lessons In Willow Wreath Making

An extremely supple plant, Willow bushes make the perfect ingredient for weaving such things as wreaths, baskets, or even garden décor.  Recently, we welcomed our very own, real life homesteader, Cyndi Ball, who will instruct you in the art of Willow wreath making.  These lessons will take place Friday evenings during the lovely hours of late summer sunset.  Number of participants is limited, so be sure to reserve your chance at taking home a wild Willow wreath.  To reserve your spot, and to learn more, visit our new Willow Wreath Workshop page.


  1. For The Pint-Sized Future Wranglers

Now this one’s for all the little buckaroos (and buckarettes) who love to giddy-up and have some fun.  Twice a week, one of our very own wranglers will introduce themselves and their horse to any 4-7 year old cowkid lookin’ to learn a thing or two about a day in the life of wranglin’.  This activity can only be participated in after cowkids have signed up to do so.  To pick and reserve a date, and to learn more about what else is in store for your future Wrangler, visit our new Wanna Be A Wrangler? page.


Well, if none of that enticed you to visit and get outdoors, you may just not be an outdoors-y type.  However, outdoorsy or not, 320 Guest Ranch welcomes all to experience submersion into a lifestyle through which the pioneer spirit lives on. To experience a place where upholding tenets set forth by ancestral homesteaders remains as common as Willow bushes.  To experience a land that lives quietly and contentedly under a sky as blue as bluebirds – a land we call Big Sky country.