Mountain Medicine Workshop

The Gallatin Gateway Mountains are full of hidden flora and fauna treasures just waiting for us to seek them out. In this workshop, we will identify certain mountain plants, in season, and learn the medicinal secrets that have been known to the mountain folk for centuries. We’ll discuss proper ways to forage for plants. You will also learn how to infuse the plants into oils and turn them into a useful, topical salve. Your container of salve is yours to take home, to use properly for “what ails you”.
$75/person    (family discount  – $50 for each additional member)

Thursday Evenings from June 1 through October 7th


Ages 8+

Limited to 15 people per class

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If you’re interested in scheduling a private workshop, please call our Activities Director at 406.995.4283

Cyndi Ball lived on a 7-acre homestead complete with livestock and crops from 2002 – 2020. Ball viewed her farm as an opportunity to educate others about sustainable living.  She has taught classes around the country on gardening, beekeeping, raising and processing livestock, and various other homesteading skills. Ball is also a national speaker for Mother Earth News and a homestead consultant.  Cyndi has traveled internationally to educate women, men and children about making beekeeping productive and profitable.  Ball is also an author, her first book, “Simplify Your Homestead Plan”, being published in February of 2020.
In May of 2020, Ball took a position at the 320 Guest Ranch in Gallatin Gateway, Montana and has the privilege of introducing “homesteading skills” to the guests visiting the Ranch.  In keeping with a statement in Dr. McGill’s manifesto, “To preserve its [Upper Gallatin] beauty”, she offers the knowledge to discover the hidden treasures surrounding the 320 Guest Ranch.