Boy, is the year flying by!  Here we are, April 22nd– Earth Day 2021.  A date which marks nearly one third of the year as over; a date which marks the growing nearness of a long awaited summer.  Here in Montana – especially in mountain towns like Big Sky – summer is a highly anticipated time of year.  It’s also one of the shortest seasons of the year.  So, celebrate this Earth Day by taking a little slice of your summer away at one of the most eco-friendly guest ranches in Big Sky country.

What makes 320 Guest Ranch ever so earth friendly? Well, if you’ve been a dedicated reader of ours since the start, youcafe inside know that our very first blog spoke of our efforts in environmental consciousness.  If you’re a bit new on the scene, take a little trip back in blog time and read about 320 Ranch’s guest cabin turned conscientious café. Now, the support of locally-based businesses you’ll read of there has become a foundation of many facets of 320’s operations.  Supporting local business equates to not only the support of local economies, but also of the environment.  Keeping things local means diminished necessity (or no need at all) for shipping supplies.  Hence, less or no need for supplies to be packed in plastics or other profligate materials.


Locally sourced food stuffs for our Restaurant & Saloon is a wonderful example of the aforesaid.  Our Executive Chef, Austin Brown, keeps the pioneer spirit alive through culinary ingenuity comprised of the very best of Montana’s bounty.  In perusing our menus, you’ll discover dishes featuring trout caught fresh from regional lakes and rivers, beef from neighboring ranches, and even such things as herbs and mushrooms foraged right from our backyard or grown right on 320 Ranch. Shipping and handling?  Not necessary when the very hillsides and valleys surrounding us have so much to offer.


Summer 2021 will bring the real icing on the eco-friendly cake, however.  If you’ve read our latest blog, “6NewReasons To Put 320 On Your Summer ’21 Itinerary”, then you know we’re referring to our latest exclusive dining experience.  Ranch To Table is 320 Ranch’s first ever outdoor food adventure inclusive of three courses featuring earth-baked and locally sourced meats. Meats to be made all the more savory by flames born out of lumber procured right out of the wilderness serving also as the evening’s backdrop.  Now, if this doesn’t sound heavenly enough to yet book your chance at one of only two opportunities to experience such a delicious detour, then read on.  Add to the three course meal a fully stocked cash bar tended by our very own (and very talented) mixologist, as wells as local musicians there to provide a layer of melodious reverie atop warm, midsummer breezes.


It is difficult not to love and therefore strive towards kindness towards this planet when surrounded by the magnanimously beautiful countryside we’re lucky to call home.  Perhaps this summer, you too can call 320 Guest Ranch home. A home away from home at the heart of nature’s bounteous splendor.

Happy Earth Day Everyone!