Happy New Year everyone!  We really wanted to give you 320 reasons to visit 320 Guest Ranch this year.  However, we decided that could end up being problematic for everyone in terms of time consumption.  So, being that three’s a lucky number, we picked out these three reasons why we think 320 Ranch ought definitely be in your 2021 travel plans:

  1. An Escape to Simpler Times

Couple on a ranch patio with wine glasses.There are a few reasons why small towns cause big city visitors to feel as if, all of a sudden, life got a whole lot simpler.  This is especially the case in southwest Montana.  And, even more especially so when you stay at a guest ranch like ours.  The quaint character of our ranch lodging, and the magnanimous beauty of surrounding nature puts one at a natural ease.  Here, you’ll always feel welcome.  You’ll feel at home despite a stay here being a home away from home.  Not least, you’ll get to have that Montana cowboy/girl experience you’ve been dreaming of since childhood.  A stay here, in essence, is an escape to simpler times with the benefit of everything the modern day world has to offer.


  1. Good Ol’ Fashioned American Dining

So, what makes a meal something we can call good, old-fashioned, and American?  Stop by our restaurant & saloon, McGill’s, and the home-style dishes and drinks will likely answer that question upon your first bite or sip.  For example, keep up your all-American cowboy/girl experience by ordering something like our Montana Wagyu Cowboy Ribeye.  Locally sourced to maintain our ongoing efforts at sustainability, this specially cut 48 ounces of beef is sure to have you smiling from ear to ear.  If you’re looking for a drink before dinner, step back once more into that “simpler time” when you step into the McGill’s Saloon.  The Saloon is one of the oldest buildings on the Ranch.  It’s actually a segment of the original homestead claimed by the Wilson family now nearly 120 years ago.  Feel like a Montana homesteader yourself by ordering-up a Montana-style cocktail like the Carrie’s Mule or a Big Sky Toddy. You won’t be disappointed.


  1. Outdoor Adventures Galore!

320 Guest Ranch is a fly-fishing haven in the summertime.  If you’re wondering why that is, click on over to another of our blogs, “Three Reasons Why Every Fly Fisherman Needs Montana’s Gallatin River on Their Bucket List”.  Now, fly-fishing along the Gallatin in wintertime is definitely doable. However, if you’re looking for some, shall we say, less frozenfun, we have plenty of that too!  One of the coolest (but warmer) outdoor adventures available near 320 Guest Ranch are snowcoach tours in Yellowstone Park. This time of year sees virtually no crowds in the Park, and the West Entrance is a mere 45 minute drive from 320 Ranch.  Less crowds generally portends more confident wildlife, which means it’s very likely you’ll catch awesome wildlife shots from inside that comfy, cozy coach.  If you’re looking for a romantic outdoor adventure, opt for a new year’s sleigh ride320 Ranch hosts private sleigh ride trips which you and yours can enjoy side-by-side under a Big Sky starry night.  It’s a great way to make some new memories that’ll make a wonderful start to the new year.

 Take it from Teddy – President Theodore Roosevelt, that is – who once said, “The charm of ranch life comes in its freedom and the vigorous open-air existence it forces a man to lead.”  This, in a nutshell, is exactly what makes time spent on a ranch like ours feel so restorative.  Whether a life-long city-dweller, or a local looking for time away from it all, a visit to 320 Ranch this new year is the perfect way to experience new things that’ll equate to a new you.