If you’re a die-hard fly-fisherman/woman who wishes the weather in Big Sky could be a bit warmer this time of year, you’re not alone.  Boy, do we feel the same way here at 320 Ranch. And so, we got to thinking about the best ways we know of to keep warm while fishing even during the coldest of Montana winters.

First and foremost, when doing anything outdoors during the winter, you have to consider your core.  It’s disputably the most important part of your body to keep warm given that it houses all of your vital organs.  So, do yourself a favor and buy some seriously well-insulated waders.  Big Sky’s local fly-fishing outfitters are all excellent resources should you need advice on which brand of insulated waders would be best for you.  A list of these outfitters and their contact information is easily accessed via the Big Sky Resort’s website under their Fly Fishing page. Additionally, if you’re rather new to the sport and would like to rent before you buy, 320 Ranch’s onsite Fly Shop is your go-to.  Our shop rents out waders and boots, and sells flies, fishing poles, reels, line, backing, tippet, fleece and rain jackets, and other nick knacks like flasks, fly boxes, and hats.  Essentially, you name it, we got it; for details on rental pricing, visit our Fly Fishing page.


Now, the next most important parts of the body to ensure are warm as can be are undoubtedly the hands and the head.  After all, what is a fly-fisherman/woman without their hands for heaven’s sake?  And, insofar as your noggin goes, we’re sure you have heard this well-known and so-called fact:  80% of heat is lost through your head when unprotected from the cold.  Whether you choose to believe us or not, that fact is not factual at all.  You actually lose about the same percentage of body heat from your head as you would from any other part of the body; according to The Guardian Newspaper’s website, that percentage equates to something more like 10% heat loss.  Nevertheless, 10% loss still leaves your brain – an organ which you’ll need in order to focus on casting the perfect line – with only 90% of the heat it prefers in order to function perfectly.  So, all that said, invest in a cozy wool cap and some insulated, elbow-length fly-fishing gloves.  Again, those abovementioned fly fishing outfitters local to the Big Sky/Gallatin Gateway area can act as a great resource.  Or, stop in our Fly Shop and pick up a beanie and some gloves that’ll keep you nice and warm, andact as a great souvenir!


Lastly, we highly recommend that the end of your serene (but chilly) day on the wintery Gallatin River is filled with nothing but warmth.  Plan a meal at 320’s McGill’s Restaurant & Saloon where you can rid the chill from your bones with some serious comfort food and perhaps even an adult beverage that’llreallywarm you up.  So, top off a great day of winter fly-fishing with a toast. A toast to this last best place…with a river running through it.