‘Tis the season to feel love.  Or, at the very least, it’s the month we all associate with feeling a bit of a bite from the love bug.  Ever wonder whyFebruary became the month of love and Valentines and all that sort of gushy goodness?  Well, we wondered, and here’s the short and chocolate-y sweet on what we discovered…the romantic holiday actually began in Rome as a feast celebrating Saint Valentine. He was celebrated for the actions he took in opposition to a decree set forth by the Roman Emperor of the time. The decree outlawed marriage which St. Valentine viewed as totally unjust, and took action by performing marriages for young lovers in his home and in secret.  One could certainly say his life’s work is a true “love conquers all” kind of story.

If there’s something we as a society have learned the hard way as of late, it’s that love truly can conquer all.  We learned the importance of recognizing our loved ones for all that they do and are. So, with that said, we decided we’d like to talk weddings.  The ultimate symbol of love and dedication.  If the significant other in your life happily stuck out navigating the “new normal” by your side, does it not seem they may deserve a tad more than a heart-shaped box of candy this V-day?  Whether it does or not, and, as you may have guessed, we’ve got a few things to say about wedding in a winter wonderland.

Or, wedding in summer…really the choice is yours.  320 Ranch doesn’t designate one season as wedding-worthy and another as not so.  Whether you wed in winter, spring, summer, or fall, Big Sky country never fails to be the photo-worthy backdrop of your wedding dreams.  Such is especially true of the south canyon where 320 Ranch is nestled snugly aside the gorgeous Gallatin River.  Your choice of where to take the perfect wedding photo will be a tough one to be sure. Want mountains in the background? Check.  Want the river, horses, historical cabins, fields of wild-flowers dancing in the breeze?  Check, check, check, annnnndddd…check!


Ready to propose to your Valentine yet?  If not, we thought we’d lay down some logistics which – be warned– might change your mind.  First on the logistics list, when you get married on a southwest Montana ranch, you can be sure you’ll be treated like a long-time friend or family member.  In Montana, hospitality isn’t just an industry, it’s a way of being that just seems to come naturally to us north-westerners. For a life event that’s as important as your wedding, it is an undoubted fact, in our opinion, that what you want is what you should get.  Now, last on the logistics list is the one thing that everybody loves:  food.  What’s a wedding reception without fine dining, anyway?  Well, we make sure you don’t need to discover the answer to that question; the menu 320 Ranch offers is made to fit not only your tastes but that of your guests too.  Our chefs are pros at menu customization.  In essence, you won’t be disappointed

At this point, whether you’ve decided to seal the deal or not, we really just wanted to end with something wholesome and meaningful.  There was a well-known Chilean poet who made a career of writing love poems; his name was Pablo Neruda.  And once he said – and we thought this quote truly pertinent to the recent and ongoing world events – “You can cut all the flowers, but you cannot keep spring from coming.”  In other words…love conquers all.


Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!